20 lil lessons for 20 years:

It's no secret that I am turning 20 soon. (I am not sure when this post will be posted, so perhaps I will be 20 by the time I post this. Maybe it will be next month, or next week or tomorrow)  - IT IS TOMORROW (I scheduled this for the day before my birthday!)  I... Continue Reading →


I love reading. People who know me in real life will know this, and I thought I'd share with you, my Goodreads account which is here (you can find reviews of books on there - I tend to review most books!) Enjoy! I will also review books on here I don't know the frequency since this... Continue Reading →

placeless: a poem

placeless. in lack of a better word, placeless. you feel placeless but don’t worry a lot of people in this world do. you didn’t grow up in one small town, with small town dreams longing to leave for the city at the first chance you could. you my friend, grew up with experiences some people... Continue Reading →

Starting the new adventure…

I've never had a blog. Okay, well never had a blog which other people could actually see outside of Tumblr (yes I am one of those girls who has an embarrassing past on tumblr.com and some would say still have an embarrassing life) Mainly because my life is rather uninteresting. You probably couldn't pick me... Continue Reading →

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